Our Planning Process

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We follow a thorough process with each of our customers, making sure that exhaustive attention to detail is given to each and every point along the way. Our typical process includes the following steps:

1. Home Survey

We will arrange a home survey with you shortly after you make contact. We’re very flexible on timing and will schedule the survey around your availability. During the survey Colin will visit your home to discuss specific requirements and take precise measurements for the possible project.

There is no payment required at this stage and we never rush any decisions by tempting you with limited time “special offers”. Our prices stay low all year round and our job is simply to provide you with a kitchen you will love.

During the home survey the kitchen is measured and utility points such as gas and water are located. Together we will identify both what you need and what you want in your new kitchen; this covers everything from sinks and taps to ice makers, we promise to cover every detail.

2. Planning

We will then draw up full plans and visual images using the latest tools and software. The plans are shown in 3D which allows our customers to tweak the design before instalation. Customers love this tool as it ensures they get the exact kitchen they want and avoids any surprises once the kitchen is fitted. The pictures we produce are the closest anyone can achieve to the customers actual architectural layout, enabling us to give a much better view of what the actual kitchen will look like when it is installed. This precise technical drawing is always accompanied by an itemised quotation.

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3. Viewing & Amends

Once the plans are done we will invite you to our showroom to view them in detail, covering all elements that make up the project and discuss any amendments you may wish to make. If any adjustments are asked for then new drawings are produced along with a new quote if needed. This process will happen as many times as necessary until the exact plan you are looking for is achieved.

4. Deposit & Job Pack

Once you’re happy with the final plans we will ask for a deposit and supply you with a K&B4U Job Pack, containing 2 sets of the final quotation, full appliance list, final plans and a copy of our Terms and Conditions. You can also read our Terms and Conditions here. We will ask you to sign and return one set to us and retain one set for yourself.

5. Installation/Delivery

Once the T’s & C’s are signed we will schedule an installation date suitable for you. If you’re not looking for installation we will provide you with the same service as above and agree a delivery date instead of installation.


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