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K&B4U offers a fantastic support package to those who want to build their own kitchen in West Sussex. From as little as £200 we will help you get started on your kitchen DIY project and we will support you all the way through. The K&B4U DIY package includes the following:


  • A detailed survey of where the kitchen is to be installed


  • A detailed wireframe plan of the kitchen you want


  • A cutting sheet for the items that make up your kitchen


  • Telephone support throughout your project


  • You fit your own kitchen




 Get in touch today to start your project

If you sign up to the DIY package and end up buying a kitchen from us, we’ll give you a full refund on the price of the DIY package,
even if you fit the kitchen yourself.


Prefer to use your own designs? We can help.

Call us on 07941 902416 today to arrange a design review meeting and find out how we can help with surveys and project support.