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We supply Summerbridge doors which allows us to offer a bedroom makeover service by fitting new doors on existing wardrobes. All the shelves in the wardrobes are 25mm thick, the cabinet sides are 18mm thick and the cabinet backs are 9mm thick. In other words pretty solid furniture. We offer the full range of Summerbridge doors, which come in the following categories:



The Avola range brings high texture and character to any bedroom. Available in a choice of five exotic decors, with either vertical or horizontal grain direction. The short ends include the added feature of a cross grain direction, which adds to the overall elegant appearance and style of the door.

Avola truffle brownAvola Hacienda White Avola Driftwood Avola Champagne Avola Amazonas



Cubist -White Gold-H5 Cubist-Damara-H6 Othello-Silver Wave-H14A



Alto Gloss Alabaster Atlantis-Gloss Mushroom-H12 Atlantis-Gloss Silver-H4 Cubist-Gloss Anthrecite-H2 Cubist-Gloss Ebony-H12 Cubist-Gloss Macassa-H3 Cubist-Gloss Miracosa-H4 Cubist-Gloss Noce Marino-H6 Cubist-Gloss Washed Oak-H12 Cubist-Gloss White-H4 Cubist-Gloss Zebrano-H4 Kilby-Gloss Burgundy-H13 Lucca-Gloss White 2 Othello-Gloss Black-H14B Othello-Gloss Plain Ivory-H14B Saponetta-Gloss Aubergine-H6 Saponetta-Gloss Vanilla-H6 Zodiac-Gloss Cappuccino-H13 Zodiac-Gloss China Red-H5



Create a stunning look in any room with the crisp, stylish and contemporary looks of the brand new Illusion acrylic range. Available in five of the most popular finishes on the market, it offers endless design and colour options offering a high value product at an affordable price. Illusion is available in either the standard ‘glass effect’ or the optional ‘solid coloured’ edge detail.

Illusion-Anthracite-H6 Illusion-Aubergine-H6 Illusion-Blanco-H6 Illusion-Blue-H6 Illusion-Brown-H6 Illusion-Cafe-H6 Illusion-Creme-H6 illusion-Khaki-H6 Illusion-Noir-H6 Illusion-Rouge-H6



Cordoba-Matt Mocha-H16 Cordoba-Matt Melanzana-H16 Cordoba-Matt Havana-H16 Cordoba-Matt Green-H16 Cordoba-Matt Flint Grey-H16 Cordoba-Matt Cream-H16 Cordoba-Matt Cafe Latte-H16


Pastel Wood

Waltham-Blue Pastel Wood-H12 Waltham-Ivory Pastel Wood-H12 Waltham-Lava Pastel Wood-H12 Waltham-Velvet Pastel Wood-H12



Bronte-Vanilla-H4 C Design-Plain Ivory-H15 Cathedral-White Ash-H8 Cranham-Vanilla-H15 Double Groove-Plain White-H13 Kilby-Buttermilk-H6 Ripon-Satin Black

Rochester-Alkor Matt White-H16 Saponetta-Buttermilk-H6 Shaker-Alabaster-H11 Springfield-Alabaster-H7 Twin Cathedral-Ivoy Ash-H15 Vigo-Pain White-H3 York Shaker-Plain Ivory-H2



Othello-Wallis Plum-H14A Panel Groove-Corsico Chestnut-H11 Saxon-Swiss Pear-H16 Seville-Dark Swiss Elm-H2 Sherwood-Walnut-H13 Sinclair-Chamberley Larch-H4 Square-Forbo Maple-H1 Sweep-Portofino Cherry-H7 Tranby-Montana Oak-H15 Twin Panel-Swiss Pear-H7 Twin Sweep-Winchester Oak-H15 Yeovil-Wildburn-H8 Ascot-Ontario Maple-H7 Ashford-Natural Birch-H13 Cape-Mainau Birch-H2 Cottage-Verade Oak-H7 Cubist-Driftwood-H4 Cubist-Mali Wenge-H6 Cubist-Oak Malinga-H6 Danbury-Lissa Oak-H8 Deluxe-Nothumberland PA-H7 H Design-Beacon Beech-H13 Hourglass-Cherry Luce-H13 Humber-Ferrara Oak-H7 Humber-Light Swiss Elm-H12 In-Frame Shaker-Westminster Oak-H13 Ireland Shaker-Amati-H2 Kilby Groove-Beech-H12 Kingston-Blonde Ash-H2 Lindale-Rose Pear-H12 Madrid-Tobacco Walnut-H1 Maidstone-Acacia-H12 Mona-Wenge-H6 Murcia-Winchester Oak-H8


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